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 Showing some work from locations and studios . I've even thrown in my handstand for you. A lot more of this coming to this website . ❤️

Personal page updated

 Updates on personal work . The second page . on tearsheets page . And the Church / Chapel page . Go and take a look . Updating all the time . Will also be adding materiel over the past 7 years of Modeling . So I have a lot to upload on here ! ❤️


 Liking the new layout on the homepage . I'm adding to this website whenever I can . A little unsure of the writing part of it!  I'll get the hang of it. Not sure what to write in a blog ! .....  Anyone who'd like to blog about me in a positive way get in touch! You might be able to help point me in the right direction. 

  I intend to write lots and lots eventually. I have so much to tell you always! And I have a lot of stories to tell. I'll tell you silly stories and a few of my experiences in my life . 

     I've never spoken out before . However I think it's time to let you know me a little more about me. 

    My mum is my biggest love and force in my life . I love her with all my heart and I don't mind telling the world that. 


     I will be telling you how I started to sing Shania Twain , and how I became a model . I will also tell you about my gymnastics background and how hard I worked at that to become a competitive gymnast . 

       So you see Modeling and singing were the obvious choices for me . As from gymnastics and dancing the only way up was to sing and Model. As I was used to the stage , competing with other girls all the time and being the best I could be in what I did . Even though I competed with loads of girl gymnasts , there was always an element of sportsmanship and support to each other , even though we were competing against each other . In the Modeling industry I think it should be more like a sport !!!! It would be nice !!!!! ❤️

       Looking forward to writing to the world about my adventures through the years upto now 

Over and out for now

Updates on my agencies website today

Agency updated images . 

Some fashion and commercial images

 Loving the new images by Steve Bond . We thought the wellies made a cute finishing touch 

Updating Home page tonight

 Updated website homepage again tonight . 

   Put a few commercial images / plus headshots and fashion . 

    I update my website all the time. 

  Keep popping back for updates ❤️

Early morning start - Helping with set design ! Zzzz
Test shot of the set design complete - and first model shot
Work done set complete ;)

Building my new scene for the studio - Set design by JT

   One of the pictures say - my Garage my Rules ❤️.  


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