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 So after a busy month Modeling - I will be blogging this week as I have an office day at let . 

     There's a lot happening in the back scenes with my confidants . 

    Modeling isn't just a job to look pretty . There's a lot more to it than this . The lists to do ! On my lists are at great length I can tell you . 

   With the spring approaching ! Well don't let it quite fool you yet ! As it was frosty tonight heading back from the studio ! However some flowers are blooming ! And my little doggy is starting to malt ! 

  Some Owls have found a home in my garden and at 1am they do there special sounds!!!!! There's 3 of them all talking ! Which is quite funny ! However not that funny as its my sleepy time ! 

     This week I'll be showing you some new ballet work . Tasteful glamorous work along with a few bits and bobs . 

      Presently I'm coordinating a show also which I'll be sharing with you when it's complete this summer .

      The book I'm reading presently is ' Etiquette for every occasion'.  ;)    It's an interesting read. It's written in the Olden days. quite posh! Oh I say! 

    Quite a few projects on the go in office as well as Modeling and singing twice a week ! 

    Over and out ! If you'd like to book me for a shoot . I book half or full days - 

- March there is 3 days left . 

April - 4 days left / 

Please contact me for bookings . 

Thanks for catching up 

Saskia X 


 So the new scene was built at my studio this week. And is now up and running . It was very exciting.  I then styles my hair like Amy Winehouse . And did my own makeup . 

     So all in one day I built and styled myself ,then modeled in it . What a fab day! 


     set design was built by JT . I helped too. 

      So I've done x2 shoots this week In it and I loved it . 

    So if you fancy a shoot here please get in touch with me via the contacts page . 

  X Saskia X 

Travelling to another model shoot this week
Shoot from last week

 One for the Art Galley 

  Lots of this series available 

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