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Tearsheet from seaside

 3 images below all From this week .  Location work and images from the apartment studio . Lots more to come. 

    Today Sunday , I'm trotting off to Manchester Fashion week . I'm Modeling the catwalk this week for designers . It's going to be a fantastic week . I'll be posting IMages up from backstage and interviews ect . And of course the female and male Models . Fashion TV will be there and Asos brand . 


       I'm looking for a designer to remake my Shania Twain outfits . 

   I'm also looking for Sponsership . Please get in touch of your interested in sponsering me . Thankyou . 

     More news later . Thankyou for reading . ❤️❤️❤️



 Location shoot from this week . Was great . I was on location for 3 days . Shooting some of my Calender this month I will be shooting the rest of the Calender  . So I'll update you on the date it will be available. There will be 3 One artistic one - one bikini and fashion - and three just bikini and glamourous images. All Calenders can be signed 

 Images will also be available to buy in A4 .

Also signed . And poster size too. 

Keep checking in for my different Products . 

I'm setting up my cart . So you'll be able to order via that website . They'll be a link to it from here

By Steve Bond

 A full days shooting with Steve Bond Photography.  We always do publication work usually , or training courses for

My Photographers . 


 Had a fantastic week last week . A few publications and a full days shoot with Steve Bond . Which I always throughly enjoy . 

     This week . I'm in a lot of rehearsals and recordings for my Shania Twain show , and I'm looking for a new lady to make me a new Shania coat . So I have to search for a sewing lady . 

       Also some more news - I'm working very with some designers . 

     So great things this year. 

        I'll be writing some more blogs on my background and my earlier careers . 


         This week also I'll be doing some work in my Church Location . So I'll be adding images of the church . And I do a lot of my Ballet and Art work there . The images are getting blown up to lifesize for the entrance . And inside the church . The images will also be for sale . I will send invites out when the images have been chosen and they are on display . So you'll be able to see them in the church . Please get in touch if you'd like to shoot Ballet in the church  , in July . 

        Vintage farm news 

  I'll be holding a photography training course in July at the vintage farm . With Steve Bond as the mentor and teacher . We will be running the course during the week on a Thursday for a full day. I will be announcing the date soon . I will be the model 

        First course at the church Location / June . Dates to be confirmed . 

There will be a photography course held at my Church location . In Sheffield. I will add the address soon.   

 I will be the model . 

     I'll keep you posted on everything . 

Bye for now and thanks for reading 

Saskia X 



 Also last week I did a shoot in London for a newspaper . It was amazing . Can't wait to see those images. I have the tearsheets . I'll keep you posted when it's published .


 News this week is that I've been asked to model on the Catwalk for Manchester Fashion week. Im beyond excited . There's a lot of work that goes into my job behind the scenes and sometimes a month before a job . That's before I get there . And walk that amazing catwalk .  

     Fashion TV will be interviewing us back scenes . And of course I'll be taking my own clips and adding them on here ! 

   I'll keep you posted what's going on . ;)

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