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 I'll be posting a lot of images from 2014 and letting you see all different genres of my projects that I do . 

    I've been chosen for two brand shoots in January. So things will be busy with that. 

      Also a few amazing projects for January which will last a few years . 

     As I'm still a Wonderbra representative I'll be working with them again next year . 

     So 2016 has been a fabulous year for the Modeling .  It'll be a great 2017 . Very excited for the new contracts this year . X thanks for everyone's support . And happy holidays ! I hope

You had a great Christmas x 

Selfies on my travels
Selfy at the gym . From this week
Image by student RI

 Image taken this week at our mentoring class taken by Steve Bond Images . Commercial renoun photographer.  Steve is either shootong wildlife , rugby , cricket , or football , for top teams. He shoots celebrities also . 

    Steve and I run mentoring days throughout the year. The next one is in January listen up for dates. This course will be announce soon with its location and genre . 


 Loved recording in this wonderful studio . I'll post all the news this week and recordings too x 


 I'll be catching you up on different things . I've also been building my App , as I study apps online when I can . 

  It takes hours of studying. So I have to have my brainy head on for that . Not so much my dolly brain! 


  Image attached is from the vintage farm a few weeks ago. So I'll be adding more images for that soon. And catching you up on my singing part of things . Keep popping back for catch ups x 


 London trip from last week . From Commercial casting . I have this little hideaway in a posh hotel . It's private and I can redo my makeup for my jobs and castings hehe X X 

Ballet shoot at my Church Location- contact me for more details on my contact page

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