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Blog page will now have a second page as this one is full . Also head over to my actual Blog 


 A few examples of my model shoots at my vintage farm . Taken by steve bond images 


 For 3 days I've. Wen photobombing all my friends on Facebook and Twitter ! Asking their opinion . 

     The image is quite important for my music . Luckily I've had my excellent photographer Steve Bond images , with our extensive work for commercial projects . A lot of these large files have been submitted to my producer . 

     Due to my internet being slow and the files being so large . It's taken me an extra day in the office . 

    I'm still sending files now ! So I'm going to run no up EE! And get them to quicken it up lol. I need fibre octive really . 

     My next job is to plan for my model shoot tomorrow . Also I'll be painting my nails either pale pink or salmon pink as them two are my favourite colours . I'll paint them after I've packed for my trip . 

    Tomorrow I'm Modeling in Lincoln . Which will be lovely . 

      More soon thanks for dropping by


 Today's job is sending hundreds of images to my record label . He will then choose the image for my first single . It's very exciting . More later ❤️❤️❤️


 After much hard work I'm proud to let you know that my very own country song has arrived . This song has been written for me by my producer and record label Eba records . 

     My mums always believed in my singing , and I've always said to her I'm not good enough . I only now believe her , as a producer believed in me and signed me up . So now I believe my mum :) 

    It feels different singing your own song , in comparison to be a tribute artist . Although I really love being Shania Twain on stage . I now like being myself too . 

     I'm even watching THE VOICE now , which I've never watched that before :) . And I love it . Especially Tom Jones . Tom makes the programme for me ❤️❤️❤️


 And always fitting shoots inbetween singing lol. 

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