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 GOOD GIRL NOW in  A POLL on Twitter with SAYHELLO finding out which is everyone’s favourite. From my @saskiavesefanusa 

Which is ran by fans :) 

  My twitter for saskia is @saskiavese_



 release date 21st of July download here on iTunes

The day after release Good Girl was played on BBCRadio Sheffield covering all the North Barnsley Rotherham 

   It has won an award in America for Social Star of the month for Facebook twitter and Instagram.

   I've been voted artist of the week from 30th of July - on DJ Jockey in America 

   Good Girl has caught the attention of TV and many radio stations FM . It's already on rotation on a lot of radio stations in its first week .

    My first Live interview in person is on the 2nd of August . Check in for the news page ;) 

    All images for good Girl production publication media cover Girl images ect will be posted here aswell as on my blogs and journals

   GOOD GIRL Has been out 1 month now . AS BBC SHEFFIELD like it they have invited me into their studio for a live in person interview. I'm so excited about this . And proud to be a Yorkshire lass . 

     I'll also be talking about my new single Say Hello . 

    I had my phone interview with Lee Williams CEO OF CMR NASHVILLE RADIO interview . To talk about GOODGIRL. 

       Misc's more news soon about good Girl

download here 

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